Is It Better to Use Joint Ownership or a Trust to Pass Down a Home?

      When leaving a home to your children, you can avoid probate by using either joint ownership or a revocable trust, but which is the better method?    If you add your child as a joint tenant on … Continue reading

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Senior Citizens, Even 80-Year-Olds, Can Be Organ Donors

  Have you ever wondered whether or not you can still become an organ donor, despite your age?  This week’s article, written by JoNel Aleccia for Kaiser Health News, explains some of the common issues for older adults in becoming organ … Continue reading

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How to Deduct Long-Term Care Premiums From Your Income

Long Term Care Insurance

      Taxpayers with long-term care insurance policies can deduct some of their premiums from their income. Whether you can use the deduction requires comparing your medical expenses to your income in a complicated formula.   Premiums for qualified … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Mistakes in the List of Doctors Covered by Your Medicare Advantage Plan


      Medicare Advantage plans are a popular alternative to regular Medicare because the plans often offer lower out-of-pocket costs, but buyers need to make sure they know what they are paying for. A government review of Medicare Advantage … Continue reading

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For Better or for Worse, States Are Turning to Managed Care for Medicaid Long-Term Care

Recent FLSA rules concerning wage and overtime pay apply to most Caregivers.

          More and more states are switching to a managed care model when dealing with Medicaid long-term care patients, a change that has resulted in a loss of services in some cases.   Many states use … Continue reading

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Make Reviewing Your Estate Plan One of Your New Year’s Resolutions


        Estate planning is all about five essential documents. Here they are in order of importance:   The Power of Attorney for Property The most important estate planning instrument for taking care of you and your family during … Continue reading

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5 Things to Know to Reduce Your Tax on Capital Gains


      Although it is often said that nothing is certain except death and taxes, the one tax you may be able to avoid or minimize most through planning is the tax on capital gains. Here’s what you need … Continue reading

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When Can You Delay Taking Medicare?


      While you are eligible to apply for Medicare when you are 65, there are circumstances where you might not want to, particularly if you are working full time for a larger employer or contributing to a health … Continue reading

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Typical Social Security Recipient Will Get $4 Benefit Increase in 2017

        The nation’s more than 65 million Social Security recipients will get a 0.3 percent cost of living increase in payments in 2017. This is expected to raise the monthly payment for the typical beneficiary by $4. … Continue reading

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