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Ho – Ho – Oh No, No, No! Avoid Holiday Scams

Here we are in the midst of holiday excitement. We are making our lists, and checking them twice, much like the big jolly fellow in the red velvet suit. Amongst all this bliss we need to be careful about how to use our bank and credit cards and sharing contact information. Unfortunately, there are scams out there to be aware of. Here are five scams to be mindful of and take precaution. We at Strohschein Law Group wish you luck with finding all the retail wants for your loved ones and a very cheerful holiday season.
Gift Card Scams –
Gift cards can be tampered with, especially in stores with large gift card displays. Try to purchase gift cards straight from the cashier or customer service representative.

Fake Vacation Rentals –
Fraudsters will often advertise property they do not own, and use personal information on a bogus rental application to commit identity theft. When booking a vacation rental, use a reputable realtor that you can meet with in person.

Fake Holiday Jobs –
Work-from-home job offers may appear to be a good source of extra cash during the holidays. However, if an employer asks you to make substantial payments up front for materials, or asks you for personal or financial information, then you could be a potential scam victim.

Charity Fraud –
Not every person asking you for a donation is working for a legitimate charity. Be sure to confirm that the charity exists, and avoid cash donations. Rather donate with a check made payable to the charity.

Internet Shopping Scams –
Online merchants may advertise unbeatable prices, but be wary. You may be required to purchase a large quantity of items to get the deal, and what you see may not be what you get. Get information and reviews about the merchant before placing your order.

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