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Helping You Protect What Matters

Strohschein Law Group, LLC is proud to offer you, our cherished client, a Family Protection Plan. The goal of this plan is to ensure that you always have the most current estate plan and that it precisely reflects your current goals, needs, family, and financial situations.

Why should I join this Plan? Protecting What Matters is the guiding principle of our law firm.  Our goal is to create a comprehensive, unique, customized estate plan that is specially designed to stand the test of time, take care of you and your family, and always protect what matters.  Unfortunately, many people put their newly-created estate plan in the file cabinet and do not look at it again for many years.  Knowing that both the laws and our lives change on a regular basis, we have created a Family Protection Plan to ensure that your documents remain up-to-date and that your loved ones are provided for according to your wishes.

  • Annual Updates to Power of Attorney documents – Receive one update per year to your Power of Attorney documents to help ensure acceptance at financial and healthcare institutions.
  • Annual review of documents and status of trust funding – Meet with a member of our legal team to discuss your family, your goals, your business, and what has changed since our last meeting.  Review any legal changes that have taken place and how they could compromise your planning.
  • One annual update to existing estate planning documents – Receive one annual update to your estate planning documents after completing the Annual Review with our legal team.  Please note that changes outside of this update are billed at our regular hourly rates.
  • Annual membership with DocuBank – A year membership in DocuBank, a service which provides a highly secure online repository for all of your documents, including estate plans, financial and insurance documents, and a digital asset list.  Receive a wallet card for instant access to medical directives and a list of medical conditions and allergies.
  • Complimentary e-newsletter updates – Monthly e-newsletter updates, including informational articles and educational events, sent directly to your email address.
  • Complimentary estate settlement meeting – No matter when it happens, the loss of a loved one is a moment we are often unprepared to address.  By continued participation in the Family Protection Plan, on an uninterrupted basis, our legal staff can advise your heirs on the necessary steps to be taken at this complimentary estate settlement meeting.
  • Invitation to exclusive member-only events – Receive invitations to member-only educational and social events.
  • Illinois Power of Attorney for 18-26 year old family members – Ensure that your children and grandchildren are “ready for the world” with a complimentary set of Illinois Power of Attorney documents.
Exciting new benefit for members...Give it Away!

Your complimentary annual review of documents can now be transferred or given to a family member or friend!  If you are not using your annual review, share it with someone who would benefit.

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