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Married Three Times, Am I Entitled to Social Security Benefits From Any of My Husbands?


Q: I was married to my first husband for 14 years, until he died.  I got married again for another 18 years, until the second husband’s death.  A few months before I turned 60 I married for a third time.  Now, approaching age 65, I’m wondering if I can get Social Security benefits from any of my husbands.


A: Unfortunately, it appears that that you cannot, at least in the case of the first two husbands. If you had remarried after age 60, you would have been entitled to benefits on your prior deceased spouse’s Social Security earnings record. But by re-remarrying before age 60, according to the Social Security Handbook, you are not entitled to survivor’s benefits unless “your subsequent marriage ends, whether by death, divorce, or annulment; or your marriage occurred after age 50 and you were entitled to benefits as a disabled widow(er) or disabled surviving divorced spouse.” For details, click here. But you may be able to get spouse’s retirement benefits on your current husband’s work record. For details, see


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