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Consider Your Sources Part One – Your Life is not a Template!

Many clients ask about doing their own Will online and most clients think their estate plan needs are “simple.” Since we rarely see a truly “simple” plan, we created this comparison to show some of the differences between do-it-yourself, fill-in-the-blank planning versus planning with an experienced elder law firm to guide you.


Online Forms:  Less than $500

Strohschein Law Group:  $600 – $4,500. Complete Estate Planning (which includes all meetings, conversations, review, and finalizing of documents) for an individual or couple may include: Will, Revocable Trust, Powers of Attorney for Healthcare, Property and HIPAA Release.


Online Forms:  Basic documents, not specifically tailored to meet your needs and concerns.

Strohschein Law Group: After thorough review and consultation, we will prepare the documents you need, as opposed to you guessing which ones are best.


Online Forms:  No direction; no one to answer your questions.

Strohschein Law Group:  Our team will walk you through each document with detailed explanation. We plan for the unexpected and present you with questions and solutions for your consideration.


Online Forms:  Ambiguous language often leads to a much higher chance of probate litigation, which can cost a family $10,000 or more to resolve even if the family isn’t fighting. Even without litigation, there is a chance that your final wishes may not carried out as you had hoped.

Strohschein Law Group:  Your documents will be created to work within the state and federal laws. All documents will be prepared specifically for you, based on your specific situation and stated wishes. Most importantly, you will be protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Next time:  Consider Your Sources, Part Two – Understand the Terms

Contact a certified elder law attorney(*), such as Linda Strohschein and her team at Strohschein Law Group, for assistance with creating an estate plan with an experienced attorney that meets your unique needs. To set up an appointment, contact Strohschein Law Group at 630-377-3241.

This information provided by Strohschein Law Group is general in nature and is not intended to be legal advice, nor does it constitute a legal relationship. Please consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

(*) The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law and the CELA designation is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois.


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