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No Will? You are putting Your kids at Risk
October 20, 2022

No Will? You’re Putting Your Kids at Risk

Many people delay the conversation or thoughts of having to prepare a will. Confronting the possibility of one’s death is not easy. However, as the recent death of Anne Heche shows us, not having a will can place a significant…

Be Cautious of Generic Health Care Proxy Forms
September 29, 2022

Be Cautious of Generic Health Care Proxy Forms

Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff work hard to care for their patients when they are sick or hurt. However, even when a procedure is done to save a patient’s life, a hospital cannot act without patient consent. If a patient…

What is Powers of Attorney and How Do I Use Them?
November 24, 2021

Why Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

This is a common question that comes up when planning for the future. Let’s look at one all-to-common scenario. Your spouse has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. What will happen when you can no longer care for him and…

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