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Digital Assets – An Estate Plan for Your Online Identity

Asset collection is very different now because many of these treasured items that used to have a physical presence are contained within computers or virtual archives in the cloud. In our mobile society, it can be very difficult to locate an asset, or once located, to gain access without a password. This data is known as a “Digital Asset.”

August 28, 2012

Protecting Your Virtual Estate

As more and more of our lives are put online, estate planners are contending with how to advise clients to secure and transfer their virtual estates. The body of nontangible, digital assets people create and store on their computers and the internet is growing by leaps and bounds.

March 8, 2012

Living in a Digital World Means We Have Digital Assets

Digital assets are any file on your computer in a storage drive or website and any online account or membership (John Conner, Texas Tech University School of Law). If you have ever saved a file onto a computer, made an online account, or downloaded a song from iTunes, then you have a digital asset.

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